• Windows & Doors Sensors

  • Mount Magnetic Contact

    The Honeywell 945T is a mini surface mounted magnetic contact that has screw terminals. The 945T consists of two pieces, a magnetic contact, and a magnet, which are approximately the same size and shape. The 945T is approximately 2” long, and 1/3” in width and height.

  • Recessed Contact with Leads

    The Honeywell 951WG is a miniature recessed contact with 12” wire leads. You can use the 951WG recessed contact to protect doors and windows from intrusion. As the included magnet is only 3/4” long, the 951WG is ideal for windows and doors that have a thinner frame such as casement windows and sliding windows. You can order the miniature recessed contact in your choice of white (951WG-WH) or brown (951WG-BR).

  • Recessed Contact with Screw Terminals

    The Honeywell 944T is a wired 3/8” diameter recessed door or window contact with screw terminals instead of leads. The 944T is ideal for all hardwired security systems and compatible with Honeywell’s VISTA series of wired alarm panels. Unlike surface mount contacts, the 944T is recessed into the door and door frame, or window and window frame.

  • Recessed Rolling Plunger Switch with Screw Terminals

    The Honeywell 956RPT is a recessed rolling plunger switch with screw terminals used to protect doors and windows from intrusion. The 956RPT features Honeywell’s exclusive Staggered “T” terminal contacts. By staggering the terminal screws along the body of the plunger switch, Honeywell was able to make them larger and therefore easier to use. All Honeywell Staggered “T” recessed contacts are easy to handle and easy to install.

  • Steel Door Recessed Contact with Terminals

    The Honeywell 947-75T is a recessed door contact designed specifically for steel doors. Normally recessed door contacts cannot be used in steel doors because the steel door interferes with the magnet. However, the 947-75T magnet is much larger and therefore will work reliably even when installed inside a steel door. You can choose between a white contact (947-75TWH) or a brown contact (947-75TBR).

  • Overhead Door Magnetic Contact

    The Honeywell 958 is an overhead door magnetic contact in a durable metal housing. The 958 is intended to be used with a garage door or overhead door type and is built to withstand the harsh conditions of a garage or other non-climate controlled space. The overhead contact is epoxy sealed to protect it from moisture intrusion and the high impact potential when mounted in a garage setting.

  • Wireless Thin Door Sensor and Window Sensor

    This wafer-thin sensor is a discreet, reliable way to protect any home. For those concerned with the aesthetics of their security system, the 5811 is unobtrusive. Its 150 foot RF range is slightly less than its more bulky counterpart the 5816, but it works at a distance that is far enough for use in almost any home.

  • Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor

    The 5816 are Honeywell's most popular sensor. Slightly thicker than the 5811, this sensor's 200 foot range makes it the most affordable, reliable way to protect your home using a wireless setup.

  • Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor

    The Honeywell 5822T is a wireless, tilt sensor designed to protect garage overhead doors and basement tilt windows. When programmed to loop 3, the tilt sensor is most commonly used for protecting an overhead door. The unit should be mounted on the interior side of the overhead door with the arrow facing up, ideally on the upper panel. When the sensor is in a vertical position (perpendicular to the ground) it reports the zone as closed and when it turns horizontally (parallel to the ground) it reports as opened. Mounting it on the upper panel triggers a fault for partially open doors. When programmed to loop 1, the tilt sensor will transmit faults based on a wired normally-closed (NC) contact. There is a pair of screw terminals inside the tamper cover where the connections must be landed.

  • Honeywell 5800RPS

    The Honeywell 5800RPS is a wireless recessed door sensor with a roller plunger switch for alarm activation. When installed, the 5800RPS recessed door sensor is fully concealed and makes for an ideal choice for protecting your home's doors. The plunger switch contact is compatible with all Honeywell wireless home alarm systems.

  • Honeywell 5816OD

    The Honeywell 5816OD is the alarm industry's first wireless outdoor sensor. You can now protect your backyard shed or barn, your detached garage, your pool gate or your perimeter fence. The 5816OD outdoor sensor provides waterproof (meets NEMA4X water protection) and weatherproof protection in any temperature (-40° to 150° F). You can mount the 5816OD wireless outdoor sensor on flat and curved surfaces.

  • SiXCT Lyric Wireless Contact

    The Honeywell SIXCT is the first fully encrypted, bi-directional wireless door/window contact. Designed for the release of the Lyric Controller, the SiX series sensors communicate using 2.4GHz WIFI signal and offer 128-bit AES encryption for increased protection against RF jamming and hacking. Traditionally the 5800 series sensors were limited to 200 nominal feet for maximum RF range. The SIXCT offers up to 300 feet of wireless range back to the Lyric and in some cases even more!