• Shock & Glassbreak Sensors

  • Wired Shock Sensor

    The Honeywell ASC-SS1 is a shock sensor that detects shock and vibration associated with a glass breaking event. The ASC-SS1 protects any type of glass that it is mounted on, including wired, tempered, laminated and plate glass, within 8 feet from where the sensor is mounted. For optimum performance, it is recommended to mount the ASC-SS1 in a corner of the window, but not closer than 1” from the window frame, directly on the glass.

  • Wireless Shock Sensor

    The Honeywell 5800SS1 is a wireless shock sensor used to protect a window or glass door. We recommend using the shock sensor instead of the Honeywell 5853 glass break detector in rooms with weird acoustics like kitchens, bathrooms or skylights. Each pane of glass that you are protecting will require its own wireless shock sensor. The shock sensor will cover the following glass types: plate, laminate, wired, sealed insulated, coated and tempered, up to 1/4" thick.

  • High Values Shock Sensor

    Honeywell’s SC100 Series Seismic Vibration Sensors were designed to protect high-value and high-risk assets in financial, retail and other applications. The SC100 model detects vibrations arising from attempts to disturb solid structures including fixed ATMs, bank vaults, safes and doors. The SC100 can be installed in new or existing security systems and offer a higher level of protection and false alarm immunity than traditional shock sensors, which often lack the ability to discriminate between ambient vibration and real attacks.

  • Wired Galssbreak Sensor

    The Honeywell FG730 is a dual technology glass break detector which listens for the frequency of broken glass, protecting all windows within its range. The FG730, equipped with Honeywell’s FlexGuard technology is the most popular glass break detection sensor in the security marketplace. The FG730 detects and confirms both “flex” (impact) and “audio” (shattering) frequencies, allowing it to analyze an event that accurately simulates a breaking window rather than other similar noises. Both flex and audio signals must be detected within a specified time frame, cutting down on the potential for false alarms.

  • Wireless Glassbreak Sensor

    The Honeywell 5853 is a wireless glass break detector that is enhanced with the FlexGuard® feature. All FlexGuard glass break detectors "listen" for not only the high frequencies produced by shattered glass, but also lower frequencies created when an object impacts the glass prior to the glass actually shattering. The 5853 wireless glass break detector also utilizes the FlexCore™ signal processor which processes sound data in parallel rather than sequentially allowing for 50% faster processing. Faster processing allows the Honeywell 5853 to perform Multiple Domain Signal Analysis in which time, frequency and amplitude are all evaluated to determine real alarms from false alarms. The unique combination of FlexGuard technology and FlexCore processing makes the 5853 wireless glass break detector an industry leader in false alarm reduction without sacrificing the detection of a real glass break event.

  • SiXGB Lyric Wireless Glassbreak

    The SIXGB is the newest of Honeywell's wireless glass break detectors and the only SiX series glass break. Honeywell's revolutionary SIX technology uses a 2.4GHz WIFI signal to communicate bi-directional, encrypted RF transmissions between the sensor and the alarm panel. This means the sensors are able to speak back and forth to the panel and constantly update battery life, RF signal strength and possibly more in the future. The 128-bit AES encryption is the first in class for peripheral sensors and offers advanced supervision protocols. The other benefit of SiX series contacts is an increased RF range of up to 300 feet. Currently, the Lyric Controller is the only alarm system that supports this technology but that may change over time.