• Motion Sensors

  • Wired Motion

    Ideal for all residential applications, Honeywell’s IS335 Motion Detector delivers exceptional value and performance while reducing false alarms. Installations are quick and easy—saving you time and money. The IS335 features selectable pet immunity for animals weighing up to 80 lbs, an always-enabled LED, 40 x 56 range and a style that blends with any décor.

  • Wired 360 Motion

    The Honeywell 997 is a wired passive infrared motion detector that is designed to be mounted on the ceiling of a room. The Honeywell 997 should be mounted on the ceiling in the center of the protected area, between 8’ and 12’ high, for optimal performance. A ceiling mounted motion detector helps minimize vandalism, especially when being used in a public place. Smaller and more streamlined than a smoke detector, the 997 is an ideal choice to protect an interior space with minimal visual detraction.

  • Wirreless Motion

    Honeywell’s 5800PIR Series of Wireless Motion Detectors are high-performance, easy-to-install sensors featuring sleek, compact designs that are ideal for applications where aesthetics or discretion are critical. On the 5800PIR and 5800PIR-COM, PIR sensitivity and temperature sensing can be enabled via programming locally or from the central station. Installation is easy, with no jumpers, switches or disassembly, fewer mounting restrictions and an automatic walk test mode that turns on the walk test LED for ten minutes—saving installers one trip up the ladder for each sensor. Other notable benefits include fewer service calls thanks to a long-life battery and empty cases which allow designers and end-users to custom-paint the motion detectors to match any residential or commercial setting. The 5800PIR blends perfectly with all of the 5800 Series family of sensors for a seamless look.

  • Wireles Dual Tec Motion

    This is a wireless DUAL TEC® motion detector that uses both passive infrared (PIR) and K-band microwave detection technologies together at the same time to improve detection and reduce false alarms. The 5898 motion detector also offers pet immunity up to (100) pounds making it a very unique and valuable wireless sensor. While the dual technology motion detector is a more advanced device, it still blends nicely with the other Honeywell 5800PIR series motion detectors to keep a nice consistent look within your home or business.

  • Wireless Outdoor Motion

    The Honeywell 5800PIR-OD is a wireless outdoor motion detector. If you have outdoor areas or valuables that need protection, you no longer need to deal with expensive and labor intensive trenches to get a motion detector in place. The 5800PIR-OD is an efficient and cost effective solution for protecting pool areas, detached garages, sheds, driveways, parking lots, rooftops, alleyways, loading docks or any other restricted outdoor area. The wireless outdoor motion detector is unique in that is has (2) separate passive infrared (PIR) sensors that both look at different areas. Motion detection in a single zone will not trigger an alarm so that debris or animals will not trigger false alarms. An intruder however, will be detected by both sensors and therefore will trigger an alarm.

  • Photo Beam AX-100TFR

    The AX-100TFR from OPTEX is the next generation of the perimeter security industry, offering a significant cost saving alternative to a traditional hardwired system. This device requires absolutely no trenching which will exponentially reduce the cost of installation. The unit comes wireless ready with a multi functional back box and is compatible with most manufacturers wireless systems. This device comes (and the rest of the series) comes with four (4) 3.6V batteries, that have an average lifespan of approximately five (5) years on the 100 ft. model and three (3) years on the 200 ft. model.

  • Wireless PowerG PIR Motion Detector

    • Visible link quality indicator on device
    • 15m (49ft) 90° coverage
    • True Motion Recognition™ to distinguish between motion of an intruder and any other disturbances which may cause false alarms
    • Pet immunity up to 85 lbs. (38 Kg)
  • Wireless PowerG PIR Motion Detector with Camera

    • Visual alarm verification in day and night
    • Full color, high-resolution images transmitted from the premises via Cellular or Ethernet
    • CMOS camera with IR illumination
    • Auto-setup for brightness and contrast via the control panel
    • Front cover and back tamper •Pet immune up to 85 lbs (38kg)
    • Dimensions: 125 x 63 x 60mm (4.9 x 2.5 x 2.4in)
  • Wireless PowerG Dual Technology Security Motion Detector

    • Visible link quality indicator on device
    • Vandal-resistant design
    • Dual Technology PIR and K-Band Microwave frequency to reduce false alarms
    • Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 48mm (4.5 x 2.3 x 1.9in)
  • PowerG PIR Outdoor Security Motion Detector

    • Visible link quality indicator on device
    • Minimizes false alarms while ensuring effective detection of real threats
    • Octa-Quad Technology
    • Vandal-resistant design
    • Black mirror optics for exceptionally high immunity to false alarms
    • Prolonged battery life (3 years with typical use)