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The All New AirVac Central Vacuum Systems...

PLATINUM SERIES (Disposable bag)

  • High-efficiency, two-stage filtration media for a cleaner, healthier home
  • High air watt rating while maintaining low operating noise
  • Available in four models, for homes up to 12,000 sq. feet

Red Series Model (Bagless)

  • Bagless design with debris bucket, no bag to replace
  • Power unit exhausts outside the living area so dust and dirt do not recirculate
  • Available in four models, for homes up to 12,000 sq. feet

A quieter home. Remember when vacuuming used to be the noisest part of housework? Not anymore. AirVac's central power unit is located outside your living area to reduce vacuuming noise.

A healthier home. Dust is a big deal. The EPA Science Advisory Board says indoor air pollutants rank among the top five public health risks. Both the EPA and the National Lung Association consider a central vacuum system, such as AirVac, a good way to reduce allergy-causing agents.

Why AirVac?

Because the best part of an AirVac central vacuum system is what it doesn't have: noise, inconvenience, and dust. Much less dust left behind - in your rugs, on your furniture, in the air and in your family's lungs. Traditional vacuum cleaners allow too much dust to recirculate - on your rugs, on your furniture, throughout your home. The result: indoor air pollutant levels two to five times - and in some cases 100 times higher than outdoor levels.

AND an AirVac central vacuum system delivers up to three times more power to lift out dirt, dust mites and animal dander from rugs, drapes, and furniture upholstery. AirVac then vents it all outside - safely, quietly, permanently to eliminate this health risk to your family. AirVac also comes with a 10-year warranty (Platinum Series) - that's nothing to sneeze at!

Designed to fit your home. With a little planning, it's easy to install an AirVac system in new or existing homes.The PVC tubing can run through the attic, basement or cold air returns - then lowered or raised behind interior walls to inlet valves that are installed in strategic locations throughout the house (usually about one inlet for every 600 square feet). The central power unit is located in an out-of-the-way area such as a garage, basement or utility room, keeping the living areas quiet, clean and dust free.

Why AirVac works for you.

There's more to AirVac than less noise and a healthier home - because AirVac is more than a vacuum cleaner. It's a complete home cleaning system - designed to make your life easier. Here's how:

  • Convenience. No hauling heavy and awkward canisters up and down stairs. Simply plug the AirVac hose into one of the inlet valves conveniently located throughout the house.
  • Efficiency. Time is precious - because AirVac picks up more dust and dirt, you don't have to vacuum as often.
  • Versatility. A single AirVac until with easy-to-exchange accessories cleans all home surfaces:carpets, rugs, upholstery, drapes, floors, mini-blinds - even the inside of your cars.
  • Power. AirVac's power units do the heavy lifting - up- to three times more cleaning power than canisters or uprights - because they are built with larger, more rugged

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