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JK Series

With PanTilt & Zoom
Provides easy visitor identification while REMAINING SAFE behind locked doors

It all begins with the DOOR STATION...

JK door stations are equipped with at 170 wide angle camera, the first in the intercom industry to provide a view of the entire entrance. JK door stations are a great way to protect main & secondary entrances, employee access points, gates, service areas, loading docks, parking garages, & much more!

JK SYSTEM features

  • Door 1 Inside 2
  • Wide Angle Lends TFT LCD Monitor
  • Door stations capture High resolution screen
  • Amazing 170 view provides great detail & clarity

Sensor Input
Activates a warning screen on the monitor & sounds an alert on all door, sub, & master stations

Master & Sub Call
Instantly communicate between the master & sub master stations

Easy Installation
Using only 2 wires from the door to the master unit, the JK Series is quick and easy to install

Discreet Monitoring
See & hear activity at the door station without visitors knowing

Hands-free communication or push-to-talk

Option Button
Provides a dry contact (Can be used for a 2nd door release, gate release, lights, etc.)

Video Output
Transfer live video to a larger screen or record on a DVR

Door Release
Unlock the door with a touch of a button (requires additional equipment)


Picture Memory

Record up to 240 images! Zoom View Wide View
40 image sequences at 6 frames per sequence.
Automatically records in both ZOOM & WIDE views.

*JK-1MED only.

PanTilt & Zoom

ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT to identify everyone at the entrance.
PANTITLT to see individuals up close.

Full Color Video

Most cameras don't provide the image quality the camera in each JK door station captures ... especially at night!

Monitors can be adjusted for low light & nighttime settings, as well as bright & heavy backlighting.

Choose from 2 video master & 2 sub master designs.


Set includes 1 master station, l door station, & 1 power supply

with Picture Memory

  • JKS-1AD
  • JKS-1ADV

without Picture Memory

  • JKS-1AD
  • JKS-1ADV

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