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VOICE ALERT Wireless Annunciator

The Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator sets a new standard in small businesses. Using the latest technology in wireless PIR and digital voice recording, Voice Alert System-6 offers:

  • 6-Zone Monitoring Capability
  • Customized Voice-Recordable Alert
  • All Weather, Wireless PIR Sensor Transmitters
  • Multiple Beam Patterns for Optimal Detection
  • Adjustable Mounting, Beam Sensitivity, and Delay Timer
  • 4 "C" Relays to Trigger Additional Devices

When a zone is breached, a signal is sent up to 1000 ft (300 ft through walls) to the Base Unit which plays one of six user voice-recorded messages identifying the zone.

Common applications include: Wireless Driveway Alarm, Perimeter Security, Customer and Visitor Notification, Customer Greeting, Child Safety, Pool Security, Delivery and Supply Room Monitoring, and Annunciation of activity at CFTV Camera.

How It Works - VOICE ALERT

When movement is detected, the system sounds a pre-recorded alert, letting you know the exact location of movement.

With its ability to secure up to six separate zones, each with its own customized recorded message in your own voice, Voice Alert is the most flexible system available.

Residential Scenarios

  • Zone 1 could be a driveway alarm and play back "Car coming up the driveway."
  • Zone 2 could guard a side entrance against intruders. When this PIR detects movement the Base Unit could play back "Someone's on the patio" and trigger a floodlight using one of the four "C" relays included in the base unit.
  • Zone 3 is used by the entrance to the backyard pool. When triggered, this Zone plays back "Kids are by the pool."
  • Zone 4 might be used to detect movement in your prized garden. You could record "Is there a deer in the garden?" to be played when the sensor for this zone is triggered near your garden.
  • System-6 can monitor all four zones simultaneously and still have two additional zones available (along with their own custom messages), if required.

There is no substitute for direct parent supervision. However, distractions happen and, unfortunately, that is when most water accident-related injuries and death occur. But with Voice Alert always on watch, you receive immediate notification of movement in a resistricted an area, allowing you time to react when crucial seconds can mean the difference in saving a child's life.

Sunshine State Security Inc. is dedicated to providing rapid response and peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained security monitoring professionals are always ready to contact the necessary emergency agencies and have them promptly on their way to your home or business.
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