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Home Theater System

Have you ever wanted to have a truly exciting audio/video system in your home, only to be thoroughly confused by all the hardware options and installation logistics? Or, do you find it too confusing to use the system you already have so you just don't bother with it anymore? Are you frustrated with the poor quality of service you get from your cable service provider and just haven't been able to take advantage of what their services have to offer, because you just can't seem to get the assistance you need?  Take heart -- Sunshine State Security Inc. can help. Whether you're starting out from scratch or want to fully realize the potential of your current equipment, our audio & video experts will work with you and develope a customized solution at an affordable price. We get can you setup and fully operational so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a truly exceptional home-theater experience!  


Today's Audio-Video technology has grown by leaps and bounds. We realize that the changes have left some people behind, and confused. With receivers that have more than 100 connection jacks on the back, and televisions with at least 6 different types of input formats, it's no wonder people throw their hands up in frustration and give up.

We feel that you shouldn't have to succumb to living in fear of your Audio/Video gear. WE are here to help! WE understand that today's homes need to be interactive, with audio & video signals reaching beyond the traditional family room. Customers want options - they want the ability, for example, to watch the Food Network in the kitchen while simultaneously listening to their favorite Rod Stewart CD, paying bills in the home office via online billpay, and/or surfing the net to assist with childrens' research projects. During the holidays customers may also wish to set the "mood" with inviting music that wafts seamlessly throughout the entire home. Higher definition can do all of that and more!

Every room in the home can be wired for entertaining, allowing you to enjoy the rich, full sights and sounds of home theater, multi-room video and audio in any location. Security can be controlled via telephones, wireless remotes or keypads and cameras can be incorporated for extra peace of mind. Home automation provides unrivaled comfort and convenience. Family members can also share Internet access as well as share files, printers, and other network resources and devices.

Sunshine State Security Inc. is dedicated to providing rapid response and peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained security monitoring professionals are always ready to contact the necessary emergency agencies and have them promptly on their way to your home or business.
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