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Door Locks


Child proof sliding door locks - Burglar proof patio

Isn't it time you took advantage of this great way to enhance sliding door locks, increase safety, and guard yourself and your family. Our patio door locks are great protection from break-ins, but more importantly for many - the childproof sliding door locks make sure that young ones don't unintentionally walk out of your sliding glass door. So many toddlers have wandered out a slider that has an easy to open, non-child proof patio door lock within the reach of their small hands.

Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

These patio door locks prevent sliding glass doors from being LIFTED OUT from their tracks. Most factory installed locks or aftermarket products do not entirely prevent lift-outs. Criminals know how easy it is to lift a sliding door panel out of its track.

Your family and home are the most important things there are. Don't cut corners with a cheap patio door lock solution that will break easily or, worse yet, doesn't provide the necessary force load to prevent break-ins.


90% of Break-Ins Through Sliding Glass Doors Leave Residents Violated

As a result of our lock's unique design and operation, any occupant within plain view of the sliding glass door lock could easily determine if the Double Bolt sliding door locks were open or secured. This serves as a visual reminder to LOCK UP FOR SAFETY and eliminates doubt as to whether the door is locked.

The Door Guardian has been designed to effectively secure and childproof the exterior doors in Homes, Student Residences, Cottages and Condos/Apartments.

              • Front Doors
              • Side Doors
              • Back Doors
              • Garage Door Entrances
              • Balcony Doors
              • Double Doors
              • Pantry Doors in the Kitchen

The Door Guardian has also been used effectively to keep inside and prevent wandering, autistic children, kids that sleepwalk and adults that have Alzheimer's disease.

The Door Guardian is an effective solution in securing and reinforcing exterior doors for Latchkey Kids.


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