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Honeywell IP Cameras

Here at Sunshine State Security we have the latest in IP camera technology. We offer many different cameras from fixed to pan-tilt and outdoor. What ever you need to keep an eye on your home or business. Our cameras work with your existing internet connection and let you access them remotely using Total Connect remote services. We have many different types of cameras. The iPCAM-WI2 is a fixed wired or wireless camera that can be placed anywhere in the home. This camera is available in white and black. We also offer outdoor cameras like the iPCAM-WO. This camera can be mounted near your front door or in your pool or patio area to keep an eye on your outdoor living areas. For a camera with a little more reach, we have the iPCAM-PT. This camera has pan-tilt capabilities. You can move across a room to get a better view of what's happening. All of these cameras can be set to take a 10 second clip or snap-shot when someone walks by them. Using our Total Connect remote service you will receive an email or text message notification.  To get the best performance from your IP cameras, we have the Honeywell WAP access point. This dedicated video access point has full encryption and fast speeds. It gets connected to your existing router and will insure you have access to your cameras when ever off site.













Honeywell WAP



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