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Cellular Back-Up


Sunshine State Security Inc. has the latest in wireless home monitoring. With our GSM communications system, your home will be wirelessly monitored by our central station. You'll be free of hardwired phone lines that can be cut by criminals.

We offer security solutions to help protect your home or business. We work with you to design a customized solution that addresses your evolving security needs in the most effective way possible. We'll help you choose which products and services can best serve your specific set of challenges. 

Sunshine State Security Inc. uses only state-of-the-art technology and quality equipment to transmit signals to the central station quickly, with exceptional response times. With a Sunshine State Secuirty monitored alarm, you can rest assured knowing that your home and business are protected in the event of actual emergency. 

Cellular Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Cellular backup is an important part of an effective, comprehensive security solution. Using wireless communication technology, cellular backup provides an alternative means of transmitting alarm signals. This provides additional, enhanced security for people and property should land-line telephone connections be disabled by severe weather, criminal acts or otherwise. Cellular Backup is a critical part of maximizing an investment in safety and security.

Recent decisions by telecommunications providers in Canada have necessitated upgrades to many existing cellular backup security solutions. Answers to common questions on the cellular backup upgrade requirement are listed below.

Do I really need cellular backup?

Criminals have become increasingly sophisticated. Many know that disabling traditional phone lines is a step that may provide them extra time. Cellular backup provides an extra measure of defense and enhanced security. Sunshine State Security Inc. encourages all individuals to consider cellular backup service to optimize the security of their premises.

Will the digital cell backup solution work better than analog solution?

Initially, the switch to a digital backup solution will be transparent to our customers. The new system will continue to operate as it did in the analog environment. However, the telecommunications service providers expect the new digital network will deliver increased reliability. The digital network also will allow for future enhancements in wireless signal transmission that would not have been feasible in the analog environment.

Alternative communication methods are critical in the marketplace due to VoIP, migration from POTS, and global growth of digital networks.

This groundbreaking communications solution offers full data reporting and uploading/downloading with most Honeywell control panels. In addition, with onboard zone inputs and optional dialer capture capabilities, we are compatible with other manufacturers' security panels, as well. Honeywell communication products and control panels combine to make installations faster and easier.

Sunshine State Security Inc. is dedicated to providing rapid response and peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained security monitoring professionals are always ready to contact the necessary emergency agencies and have them promptly on their way to your home or business.
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