• Life Safety Sensors

  • Keyfob 5834-4

    The Honeywell 5834-4 is a four button wireless security key fob compatible with all Honeywell wireless security systems. The buttons can be used to arm your security system in stay or away mode, disarm the system, activate an audible or silent panic alarm or any other feature of your Honeywell wireless security system. The 5834-4 key fob is equipped with (4) programmable buttons, and (4) multi-button programmable features, for (8) total actions.

  • Hold Up Button

    Honeywell’s series of hold-up devices have been designed for silent operation. Available in a stainless steel cover or hardwired, V-Plex® and wireless versions, they mount quickly and easily in discreet locations. They are ideally suited for use in locations such as banks, jewelry stores, retail establishments or any situation that requires hold-up notification.

  • Dual Button Panic Alert

    Honeywell’s 5802WXT Wireless Personal Panic Transmitters feature sleek, compact, water-resistant designs, multi-wear accessories and more. There are two versions: the 5802WXT one-button transmitter and the 5802WXT-2 two-button transmitter. Both may be worn around the neck, on a wristband or as an apparel clip. The 5802WXT Wireless Personal Panic Transmitters help security dealers set their offering apart while providing end-users with an extra level of convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

  • Heat Detectors

    Honeywell's 5809 Series wireless fixed heat and rate-of-rise temperature sensors offer expanded fire detection and installation flexibility. They are ideal for hard-to-wire locations and applications that require more than smoke detection. This is a fast and easy install with no wires to run.

  • Wireless Smoke Detector

    The 5806W3 wireless smoke detectors are monitored by your Honeywell wireless security system and therefore when they are triggered can dispatch emergency fire response to help save your home and belongings from fire damage. There is also a siren built into each 5806W3 so they can act as life safety devices as well. When the 5806W3's photoelectric beam detects the presence of smoke, it will trigger an alarm. The 5806W3 will continue to transmit a fire alarm signal every (4) seconds until the smoke has cleared and the 5806W3 has manually reset. While in alarm, you can press the test switch to silence the 5806W3 local siren for (5) minutes.

  • Wireless CO Detector

    The Honeywell 5800CO is a wireless carbon monoxide detector compatible with and Honeywell wireless security system. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America and can kill within minutes of exposure. The most common sources of CO fatalities are from heating systems, engine powered tools and charcoal grills. A car idling in an open or closed garage is another common cause of CO related death. Honeywell's 5800CO, when monitored by a wireless security system, can protect you, your family and your pets from the danders of carbon monoxide.