• Connectors

  • BNC

    BNC male crimp two piece connectors for RG59 coax cable are extremely popular for use by professional security installers. RG59 cable with BNC connectors are used in CCTV camera, SDI camera, HD-TVI camera, AHD camera, and other video installations. BNC crimp-on connectors provide a secure connection to RG-59 that will last forever when applied properly.

  • RJ45

    RJ45 connectors are used to terminate raw CAT-5e network cable to create network Ethernet connections. Installers can use these to create custom lengths of Cat-5E cabling for their specific applications.

  • Power Female Connector

    Power leads are typically used to connect siamese CCTV cable to a DC power supply box, also referred to as 12V DC Power Leads, This connector provides cable and a female connector for CCTV Camera power. The diameter of the connector is 2.1mm which is the standard size used for plug and play cables.