• Alarm Sirens and Strobes

  • Wave2 Interior Siren

    The Honeywell WAVE2 is a self-contained two-tone siren. The WAVE2 produces a loud 106dB dual tone siren output when connected to a wired security system such as the Honeywell VISTA. Being a self-contained siren means the WAVE2 does not require a siren driver, and has all necessary driver electronics built-in.

  • Wired Siren

    The Honeywell 702 is a self contained electronic siren that can be used with Honeywell wired alarm control panels. The 702 is a combination of a siren driver and a speaker which makes a loud noise whenever the alarm control panel detects an alarm. The 702 alarm siren is extremely loud and has a sound output of 118dB when powered by 12VDC. The 702 self contained alarm siren draws 400mA when powered by 6VDC and draws 1.2A when powered by 12VDC. The power rating of the 702 siren is 30 watts. The 702 electronic siren has dual channels so that you can wire it up to make a steady alarm or a warbled alarm. The yellow wire coming out of the 702 is for the steady alarm and the red wire is for the warble alarm.

  • Outdoor Siren

    One of the loudest sirens on the market, this small, but powerful siren packs a 120 decibel punch. Loud enough to be heard for thousands of feet, the deafening 0E-OUTDSIREN is the perfect addition to any security system in need of a loud sounder. While this sounder can be purchased with a strobe light as well, for those less interested in the visual indicator, this siren will sufficent.

  • Outdoor Siren & Strobe

    The WBOX OE-OUTDSIRS comes with a variety of strobe colors to ensure maximum visibility along with a loud, 120 decibel siren. While the OE-OUTDSIREN contains the same horn without the strobes, for those that are looking to install a high quality, wired sounder with a light that can’t be missed the strobes are a great and more popular addition. These sirens are weatherized. As such, they can be placed outside. They offer the audible indication of intrusion, and their strobe makes it simple to identify where the sound is coming from. They include a Normally Closed Tamper circuit, which can be wired to a zone on the panel. If the WBOX OE-OUTDSIRS is pulled away from its mounting location, this zone will be activated. While traditional security systems offer the homeowner peace of mind by informing an intruder that the police are going to be notified of his or her presence, an outdoor, 120 dB siren is going to make entry even less attractive as it will inform anyone within earshot someone has entered into a home or business where they are not welcome.

  • Wireless PowerG Indoor Siren

    • •Visible link quality indicator on device
    • 110dB Siren with Strobe Light
    • Differentiated audible alerts for intrusion and fire
    • Prolonged battery life (8 years with typical use)
    • Dimensions: 161 x 161 x 50mm (6.44 x 6.44 x 1.75in)
  • Wireless PowerG Outdoor Siren

    • 110db Siren Output
    • Strobe light functionality for visual indication
    • Sleek design and robust weatherproof housing (IP55)
    • Fully supervised •Prolonged battery life (8 years with typical use)
    • Differentiated alarm sounds for intrusion, fire, gas and flood
    • Large print screen area for customizable logos
    • Dimensions: 295 x 186 x 63mm (11.63 x 7.31 x 2.5in)